Your stay at Nirmala Village Resort will be mesmerizing with the 180 degree view of the majestic Kanchanjunga and jungles around 5 km. Silence and peace prevails in the village. Neora Valley is linked to Sillary Gaon where you can catch a glimpse of wild animals like Cheetha, Himalayan Bear, Deer and jungle fowls.

Special attraction includes bird watching, hiking to Damsang Fort ruins, Trekking, bon fire, Barbecue of Chicken and pork.

Must Paces to visit :
Ramitey, Tinchuleley, Damsanf Fort, Silence valley, Rikkisum, Sangchen Dorjee Monastery, Cross Hills, Aritar Lake. Paragliding form Tinchuleley.

Silk Route Tour Package :
We also offer the fantastic and very old travel route called as the Silk Route which include visit to Reshi Khola, Aritar, Mankhim, Zukuk, Pedong.